Elevate Film Festival

I went to this last year, and had a great time.  The event was a little unorganized and they had a couple sound issues, but I’m confident they’ll have that figured out this year.  Any unorganization was a very minor flaw in overall experience, which was very dope and highly recommended.  Entertaining and All Good.  If you’re in LA this weekend, check out the The Elevate Film Festival

Here’s a bit about the festival taken from their website…
What began in December 05 as the worlds first conscious 48-hour film festival has rapidly evolved into a breakthrough multi-media event.  ELEVATE Film Festival 5 “All Tribes Unite” premieres on October 5th at Los Angeles’ premiere arena, the 7000 seat state-of-the-art Nokia Theatre. In the way Cirque Du Soleil has radically redefined circus, Elevate is revolutionizing the experience of cinema.  By merging cutting edge science and technology with movies, music and new media, ELEVATE is a futuristic feast for the senses.  During the show, audience members will have a chance to experience advanced sound and energy healing modalities that will demonstrate the effects of sight and sound on the human body, and reveal how our collective potential can affect the world.  Our hearts will entrain to the tribal beats of the epic electronica ensemble Medicine Drum – one of their first live performances in over a decade!

The theme for ELEVATE 5 is “All Tribes Unite!”  We will bring together leaders of native and indigenous people and give their ancient wisdom a voice through modern technology.  Our goal is to ignite the deep connection we inherently feel with one another and our precious planet.

The main event is the world premiere of more than twenty short films produced exclusively for this night. Emerging and professional filmmakers from around the world are given assignments to be completed within seven days.  The films cover bold and timely subjects, impacting the major forms of media: commercials, music videos, documentaries, scripted dramas and comedies.  The filmmakers join us live in Los Angeles for the world premiere of their projects.

For the grand finale we will launch the first annual Elevate Award Show to honor celebrity philanthropists for doing their part to Elevate our people and our planet.

The event is this Sunday, October 4th and you can get free tickets by visiting the website.


All Good.


~ by Jackson on October 2, 2008.

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